In a plastic world

This week we had to decide on a theme for our upcoming spring dance at school. We decided to go on "Carnaval" It's a Catholic tradition to dress up and party, the weekend before Lent starts. Every body dresses up in amazing costumes, much like halloween. So me and my friend were wondering what to wear, when she came up with the idea of a Barbie and Ken costume.

Fashion Classics: The New Look

 Classics are real icons of the fashion world. Revolutionary looks that changed the whole industry, most of them still recognizable in today's street wear. As promised: 

The new Look

Dior Haute Couture spring 2012

Okay: fuck my new-years' resolutions, I AM going to report on fashionweek! The Dior couture show was just magnificent. 


Okay so a while ago I started to network a little bit. I started contacting other bloggers and on showing my site on forums as I wanted some more publicity for my blog. While I was working on it, I thought to myself, what better way to promote myself than using some social networking sites.
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My Favorite Vuitton...

As I told you before I'm madly in love with Louis Vuitton trunks. See this amazing trunk above? Believe it or not, it's not a trunk, it's a bureau. 


Okay my life officially sucks! While I'm busy studying for my testweek. Milan is busy showing looks for Fashionweek. What an unfair world we live in. All I can do it is take a pause from learning, and start drooling on the latest menswear.


Last Friday afternoon I went  to the vintage shop. (My friends won't let me call it a vintage shop, cause it's nothing more than a dump that sells second-hand crap, but they do have some really cool stuff) They have this little corner with old vinyl records and I found the love of my life.


As the end of the semester arrives, I had to complete my project for my art class. Every semester our teacher hands out four different assignments and we have to pick one, to work on for that period. It's really cool when you see that four or five people from my class with the same assignment create something very different.

Queen wearing a headscarf: Respect or Rebellious??

Big trouble in our national parliament today. I think this is a situation were we could speak of a real "fashion crisis."

My Favorite Vuitton...

 Okay so here is a new sort of “obsession” of mine, that I would like to introduce. I am madly in love with Louis Vuitton trunks.

What was she wearing!?

November 22, 1963, 12.30 pm, Dallas, Texas - American President John F. Kennedy is murdered during a parade in an open car. His wife, Jaqueline Kennedy, sat right next to him. She survived. 
What happend? Who killed him? and most importantly: What was she wearing?