Endless love

 Nothing feels better than those mornings where you get out of bed late, just look around, and immediately find that one perfect outfit that you've never worn before. Today was that day! 
This blazer was one of the first blazers I ever bought. It was winter 2010 and I needed something to wear to my school's Christmas-ball. After a long and tiresome search, I ended up on the H&M site and I saw this amazing blazer with a pair of matching blue trousers. I immediately fell in love and it was the first complete suit I ever bought. How many 15-year-olds can say they're wearing Lanvin from head to toe, right? How cool is that. I am so thankful for H&M making it possible for teens to buy their own designer clothes with their own money. After the past three years, the lining of this blazer has ripped a dozen times (Thank god for sewing-skills) and it's starting to get too big as I'm losing a little weight. Nonetheless I still love this piece. I paired it of with my green trousers, a simple navy-striped shirt and my grandfather's Omega watch.

blazer - Lanvin for H&M
trousers - H&M
shirt - Zara
watch - Omega
shoes - Manfield

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