This week's look isn't that special, it's more about the story behind the look. The woman in the picture is the world famous Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardot, ow how I love that name. Just say it in really french tone and you'll have to love it right away. Brigitte Bardot...
Just amazing.
Brigitte Bardot was a very well-known actress during the 1950's. One could say she was the French Marilyn Monroe. An icon for femininity and a symbol for beauty. This picture was taken in 1953 during the annual film-festival hosted in Cannes. The festival is held every year in may and was first organized in 1946. For more than six decades, the entire jet-set of the world settles down in the French Riviera at the Mediterranean sea. The festival takes about a week and it is the moment for every actress, singer or artist to shine. Millions of dollars are spent on red-carpet outfits and for that one single week, the entire world is focused on Cannes. 
When Brigitte Bardot decided to ditch the red-carpet and went to the beach, this particular afternoon in May 1953, she caused quite a scandal. All the cameras were aimed at her when she appeared in this bikini, leaving very little to the imagination. 
Of course we must agree she is such a beautiful woman. Just amazing these pictures. Today was the first day of 2012 that I was able to swim and relax all day in the sun. I love this summer feeling and these photographs really add up to that. 
Look at the strapless bikini she's wearing. Most of the time, the straps of your bikini leave some really bad white marks after hours of sunbathing. You won't be able to wear a decent top since these white stripes will be fully displayed. I think a strapless bikini would be the perfect solution. 
Although it would be hard swimming in a bikini like that I guess...

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