Here's my latest creation, my Musa-Pop poster. The poster I made for our schools semi-annual Pop-music event. I know it's a tad late, since the evening was hosted last friday but I didn't found the time to post about it earlier because I also wanted to include some photo's from the "making-of" my poster...
I always start with creating an enormous white surface to paint on. I just use some ordinary plain white wallpaper from our local hard-wear store. Since our school's main hall is quite big, my posters have to be very big. Posters have to be at least for meters long so it's a good think to prepare your self and do a little sketching. I always imagine myself what I want the poster to look like and how I'm going to reach that goal. I star sketching on oridnary paper and looking op some inspiration on the internet.
Next I start drawing on the wallpaper using nothing but a pencil a ruler and an eraser. You have to be sure the picture is perfect before you start painting. Once you've started painting there's no way back. You'll either do it right, or you'll have to start all over again (luckily that never happened to me) 
The next step is very easy, you just start filling in the spaces with paint. Coloring between the lines. The whole creative part is over now, you'll just have to start working. It's actually quite dull, so I often put on an old record and I start dancing all over the attic were I paint my posters. After a couple of hours, your poster is done. 
I leave my posters open to dry during the night so that next morning I can take them straight to school. It's just a five minute ride from my home to school so I can easily take my posters with me on my bicycle. 
I actually think this could be my best poster so far, but what do you think? I'm intrested in your opinion, just write a comment below, tweet me, facebook me...

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