Love Hangover

Only the greatest mind can afford a simple style. I guess Gabrielle was talking about this Bauhaus pavilion in Barcelona, when she said that. After all there's a reason why its designer, Mies van der Rohe, is one of the most quoted people in the world. It was he, the German architect, who came up with the phrase: Less is more.

FAB | The small tricks to a handkerchief, the eternal debate

Me and my friend started a discussion yesterday, whether or not it was appropriate to carry a handkerchief. I'm the last one in our group of friends who's starting to get sick. Obviously there's nothing wrong with carrying a handkerchief. They're very convenient. In fact, every real gentleman should carry a proper clean white handkerchief at all times. The real question is: Is it okay to blow your nose in a non-disposable handkerchief?

My world is empty without you...

These pictures were taken in the Parc de la Cituadella in Barcelona. The parc was build for the world-exhibit of  1888. I love the whole 19th century atmosphere. Everything is huge, bombastic and very, very over the top. With all it's fountains and little ponds, it's the perfect park for a perfect summer day. 

My Favorite Vuitton | The shower trunk



When the Vuitton suitcase and trunk factory celebrated its 150th birthday in 2004, they organized an invention competition among their employees. Whoever came up with the most brilliant idea for an extravagant suitcase won. One of the winners was the cake-box, but this one is even better. Take a look on what's inside...

Turn up the love

These pictures were taken in the amazing Parc Güell. The park was originally meant to become a small village in Barcelona for factory-workers and other people with small income. Sadly nobody wanted to live in such a "strange and modern" park, so it became just a park. A  place to rest, walk and enjoy the view. This outfit shows some of the basics that I like to wear on a holiday: Long trousers, a light blouse, moccasins showing a little bit of my ankles and of course my favorite, second hand sunglasses...


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Get Lucky

As I was recently browsing through my looks on Lookbook I noticed the immense lack of bow-ties. That's rather strange, since I wear them so often, at least once a week. Even on holidays I couldn't leave them at home. This picture's taken in Barcelona where I've been on vacation last week (hence the period of absence last week.)