My world is empty without you...

These pictures were taken in the Parc de la Cituadella in Barcelona. The parc was build for the world-exhibit of  1888. I love the whole 19th century atmosphere. Everything is huge, bombastic and very, very over the top. With all it's fountains and little ponds, it's the perfect park for a perfect summer day. 
The white shorts I'm wearing are by an Italian designer, Antony Morato. I used to love his work but now he only makes very posh clothes. I don't wear them very often because they tend to get rather dirty in a very short time. Plus, you'll have to have tanned legs because white on white skin is such a no go.
The shoes in this look are second hand. The label in it says Yorn, Never heard of it before. Anyway I bought them at this four stories high Humana shop in Berlin. Humana is an European organization, collecting money for people in Africa, mostly by selling clothes. They're all over Europe, but the one in  Berlin (Friedrichshein) was the biggest I've ever seen. I can advise you all to go there if you're in Berlin.
Apart from the fact that I was supporting a good cause, I loved the shoes as well. They reminded me a lot of the Gucci Equestrian line. The original Gucci "Horsebit loafer" was designed by Aldo Gucci in 1953. This year is the shoe's sixtieth anniversary. So I why not celebrate this iconic shoe by buying my very own fake one's. They're very simple, yet quite elegant and most importantly, they go with almost everything. All in all, the perfect, stylish summer-shoe...

shirt - Vintage
shorts - Antony Morato
shoes - Yorn (???)
watch - ALDO

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