Schoool's out! Finally, today I received my grades for the tests I made last test-week. Almost every grade was good enough. Time to celebrate our freedom and live the summer, (as I already secretly did these past two days) This was the best year so far and as I'm getting very emotional while looking back, I'm also very very curious about the future that's ahead of us...


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My own artwork: Someone in a suitcase

After almost a half year of craftwork, searching for inspiration and being creative, I finished my final piece for my art class last week. This will be the last practical project I've worked on for my art class. Sadly next year it's art theory only. The idea was to pack a suitcase and explain someone's personality by showing the things they take with them while traveling. Only the idea turned out quite differently...


This is the last poster I've made for our school-events. This school year is almost over and so is my year as member of the student's council. Such a sad moment... But it was the best year I've ever had so far. So it deserves to go out with a big bang. Here it is: The last school dance will be an amazing miracle pajama party!

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Here's a new obsession of mine. My Test-week started again, and as usual I've tried literally everything  to keep myself from studying. must be the best solution so far. It's a combination of humor, fashion, cooking, traveling, art, just everthing. check it out!

My favorite Vuitton: Library Trunk

So this must be officially my favorite trunk. I once saw it in real life when I was 12 or so and ever since I've been madly In love with this trunk. Find out more inside...


While doing some background research on the Victorian age for a school project, I came across these strange pieces of couture by Viktor and Rolf.

F.A.B. Five items every girl should own this summer

Here's my first brand new F.A.B. item: listing the five must-haves for this summer. Now of course this is totally my opinion and I must be incredibly wrong but I just wanted to share some cool stuff I've seen recently. I hope I'll be able to give you some good inspiration to start spreading that summer-vibe. 


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As I said earlier,  I recently bought my pair of first new blue jeans since I was twelve. It's still a bit uneasy and I'm not totally comfortable. Anyway I thought It would be a good start make it into a lookbook look. Denim from top to toe. 

Simply Spending the Saturday: Denim Trip

It has been ages since my last shopping session. So today, the last free weekend before my testweek, I finally went shopping again. And since I was feeling edgy I decided to be a dare-devil and I bought my first new pair of blue jeans, since I was twelve. I hate them I hate them I hate them. I'm still not quite sure what made me change my mind but anyway: I'm going for a whole new style so I bought my self a pair of slim-fit dark-washed jeans.

Blue Yellow Red Rietveld

Yesterday we had a little field-trip with our art-class. It's just a small group of eight students, so  that's not to big and it was very fun. We went to see the Rietveld-schröder house, in Utrecht.