My favorite Vuitton: Library Trunk

So this must be officially my favorite trunk. I once saw it in real life when I was 12 or so and ever since I've been madly In love with this trunk. Find out more inside...
This trunk is the perfect combination of my two obsessions: My craze for Libraries and my love for ancient Louis Vuitton trunks.
It's elegant, stylish, easy to use, hand made, it's just the perfect trunk.
Me and my dad have been going crazy about this trunk since we saw it for the first time in the Louis Vuitton store at the Champs Elysee in Paris. Ever since, my father has plans to rebuild a copy but  up until now, were still library-trunk-less...
The trunk was made in the 1930's. In the picture below, you are looking at the top of the trunk, you have to close it like a two door portal and carry it horizontally. I guess you would have to hire someone to carry it for you, as this trunk can hold up to eighty relatively large books. So make that two persons to cary this heavy chest of knowledge for you! 
The trunk is entirely made out of wood. The interior has no further decorations since you wouldn't be able to see it anyway because of the books. The exterior is decorated with the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram canvas. 
Ow just imagine yourself: going on a long journey with an 19th century steam train. Enjoying all the luxurious dinners and parties. Having people who carry your luggage including this magnificent piece of art, with all the books you could ever imagine right by your side...

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