F.A.B. Five items every girl should own this summer

Here's my first brand new F.A.B. item: listing the five must-haves for this summer. Now of course this is totally my opinion and I must be incredibly wrong but I just wanted to share some cool stuff I've seen recently. I hope I'll be able to give you some good inspiration to start spreading that summer-vibe. 

No. 1 Nail-Polish in Pastel Colors.

Everything goes summersweet this year. Candy-colors and all sorts of happiness is going to be spread. And since it's always "all about the details", you better start collecting your nail-polishes. Everything in fashion this summer will be colorful, either these 1950's tupperware-ish pastel colors or the late 1980's fluorescent pink blue and yellow. It's your choice! As long as it's not black.

 No. 2 The one-piece bathing suit

The first barbie ever made, wore one, and now it's back: The one-piece bathing suit. Chanel used them first in the 2012 cruise-show and after that Prada started an amazing campaign featuring bathing suits. Go bright or black and white, who cares? Who says a bathing suit can't be sexy? They are literally everywhere. Just drop that endless habit of wearing that tini-wini-bikini and start wearing the bathing suit.

No. 3 The pleaded skirt 

 It must be the most famous skirt Monroe ever wore and this summer, you should have one too! Dior invented it for his new look. It's light, It's comfortable and It's very good looking: The pleaded skirt. Available in al colors: preferably fluorescent neons or pastels. Available in all shapes and sizes. You can go very short or over the knee. It all doesn't matter, this skirt will be an eye-catcher anyway.

No. 4 Fluorescent lipstick

This must be my personal favorite. I love it when a girl wears lipstick.  The color of your lips can add that extra touch to your look. Now the immensely popular red lipstick is cool, but very safe. Try taking the risk by making you look a bit more special using some unusual colors like orange and pink. It's the perfect way of matching it with the rest of your colorful outfit. Now, I know it's almost impossible to keep you lips nice and perfect like they show us in the magazines. These celebrity people have personal make-up artists flying around every second of the day. But you should definitely try it once for your self too! 

 No. 5 Cat-eye sunglasses

  This season, the traditional Ray-ban wayfarer is no longer enough. And don't even get me started on those ridiculous aviator glasses.  Try living on the edge and pick some daring models. The all-time favorite: classic pointy cat-eye glasses (like the one monroe's wearing in the picture above) are a nice way to find that unique touch to your outfit. Or pick a more modern version, like these three huge sunglasses in the middle.  Of course you could also ditch the "50's cat-eyes" and go for something different. Be inspired by the huge round glasses and curls of the 2012 Prada line or the ones from Tom Ford. You should also opt for the futuristic look: using straight square lines like the Fendi glasses or the monobrow. I know it sounds ugly, but that one straight horizontal line across your face really looks good. (For sunglasses only of course!)

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