Simply Spending the Saturday: Denim Trip

It has been ages since my last shopping session. So today, the last free weekend before my testweek, I finally went shopping again. And since I was feeling edgy I decided to be a dare-devil and I bought my first new pair of blue jeans, since I was twelve. I hate them I hate them I hate them. I'm still not quite sure what made me change my mind but anyway: I'm going for a whole new style so I bought my self a pair of slim-fit dark-washed jeans.
It was nine O'clock in the morning when we arrived at Amsterdam central station. I know, way to early, but I'm a hardcore shopper so it had to be done. I just love the smell of fresh air in the morning. Especially when we crossed the IJ-waters (pic. 7)to go to holland's biggest flea market. That smell of the water, the misty air.
First I bought some vinyl soul records and I found myself a cheap vintage oversized denim Levi's blouse. (pic. 3 & 5)
Then we headed into the city centre in Amsterdam (pic. 1). I bought the Jean Paul Gaultier Coca Cola Light bottles (pic. 2), I just had to have them! We went trough the Dam-street to the Waterloo-square were, If you'd ask me, are the best vintage/second-hand shops in town. I love the zipper, you should definitely go there once.
Next we went through the "Kalverstraat" were all the regular shops like "zara" and "H&M" are.   This is were the "rough me" took over.
I haven't worn a pair of blue denim jeans for over a year now. I just didn't like them. They're too baggy, too rough, too uncivilized. The have nothing special and since my style is a bit more neat and preppy, they just didn't appeal to me. But for the first time in years, I wen to go to H&M and visited the denim department. Now you must understand this was a huge step for me. The last few years all I've bought were fluorecent, bright-colored trousers. This was totally new for me. After a long, long fitting session, I finally bought a pair of slim fit trousers. (pic 4 & 6) I'm still in doubt how to mix and match it with my wardrobe but I discovered jeans can be combined with pretty anything. 
I had an great day, how was yours...?

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