Stoned love

Bright colors are obviously my favorite. I love mixing and matching all different colors. The watch I was wearing today was bright fluorescent pink. It's hurting my eyes as I look at it. Yet somehow that color is never properly captured by my camera. I loved the blue shirt since the combination with the pink watch is so cool. Plus: the shirt matches my new socks.

F.A.B. The small tricks to menswear

Normally I would say we mustn't relate to any of these silly menswear-rules. But when you consider yourself a real gentleman, you must know the proper terms and know what they mean! That way, you can start experimenting properly and playing with the little details. These things are what I like to call: The small tricks to menswear.

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Valentine's day is obviously one of those happy days were people honor their partner by showing a little extra love to each-other. Some people think it's just another stuck up day invented by Hallmark. I think it's the ultimate occasion to wear my red trousers and my Salvador Dali collar tips/lips.


This weekend was my last day at the Academy of arts. I've been following a preparatory course down there for the past six months and Saturday I had an audition at the department of Fashion Design. This is the main raison why I wasn't able to post anything last week. But don't be afraid I did wear seven new unique outfits of course. Unfortunately I did not live up to their standards and I didn't got accepted. Obviously it made me question my talent and whether I should have a career in the fashion industry (as a designer) or not.
(Warning! This piece is written mainly for myself to write my thoughts down. It might be considered relatively boring for any other readers)


Menswear has always been a mystery. Where the shapes and silhouettes of women change every other week, the image of the perfect man hasn't really changed in decades. Maybe even centuries. Menswear is as conservative as can be. Even I must admit that I'm suffering from what one might call the dandy-flu. But who knows? Tides are changing as we speak. The latest menswear runway shows last month, offered us a whole new perspective for the upcoming autumn winter season 2013/2014...