Valentine's day is obviously one of those happy days were people honor their partner by showing a little extra love to each-other. Some people think it's just another stuck up day invented by Hallmark. I think it's the ultimate occasion to wear my red trousers and my Salvador Dali collar tips/lips.
Red is, as we all know, the color of passion. It's such an amazing bright color. I once heard that the color red turns off some parts of our brains. When a person is e.g. in a red room, he might not be able to fully concentrate. Now we all know that feeling of being in love. (or at least, we all saw Bridget Jones' Diary.) Love makes us act silly and stupid sometimes. It might have something to do with the color red?
The collar tips (the tiny little lip-shaped buttons) on my blouse are actually a pair of earrings. I thought they were very cute so why not wear them a little differently. As I wrote before, a woman's lips are in my opinion the most sensual part of the body. I'm not sure if these earrings are designed by Salvador Dali himself, but they are obviously inspired by his artworks. His great inspiration were the lips of 1920's movie star Mea West. My father got them at a museum somewhere in Spain, and at the back it states "Dali" so who knows...
Unfortunately I'm still waiting for that special someone. If you happen to be a secret admirer feel free to send me roses, chocolates (preferably dark) or champaign. Or just a simple zeppelin saying I love you will do as well.
So since we're both single, me and my best friend are going to spend the day by stuffing our faces with chocolate-chip-cookies. She invited me to watch some movies together. I think this afternoon I'll be having an huge urge to eat an obscene amount of chocolate. After all, there are worse ways to spend a random Thursday evening in February. But, I must say that wearing my lucky dotted socks so maybe things will turn out very differently.

collartips/lips: Dali(?)
blouse: vintage
blazer: Zara
trousers: H&M
socks: H&M
shoes: Manfield

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