All of my life

All of my life I've been in search for the perfect bag. I used my brown schoolbag for my entire highschool-carreer, but I started studying in Amsterdam now. A new phase in life calls for a new it-bag...
Don't worry, a new phase in life does not call for an entire new style. As you can see I still dress as stylish as possible. In fact I'm wearing a tartan bow-tie right now.
I just thought it was time for a more sophisticated bag. 
Brown is fine, but not as classy as black. Especially since I always wear black shoes, black belts and black gloves, I couldn't cope with my brown leather bag anymore. After all, one should always match their leathers...
So when I found this Hugo Boss bag in a little shop around the corner, I couldn't get my eyes of it. It was love at first sight. It was meant to be. It was my new it-bag.
This blackleather Hugo-Boss briefcase is exactly what style means to me: It's black, graceful, simple, elegant, perfection in the tiniest details and sometimes a little unpractical. (It's rather heavy and doesn't have a shoulderband.)
But I love it...
What do you think? Do you have your own favorite it-piece?

trousers - We
blazer - Zara
bowtie - Handmade
blouse - H&M
smokingscarf - AZIZ
watch- O'clock by fullspot
briefcase - Hugo Boss

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