Today was another beautiful day. When you look up "summer" in your dictionary, I'm sure you'll find a description of this very day. Now this picture should be displayed too, on that page.

Back in business

After a short period of two-weeks of non-posting, I'm back! I just returned from a small vacation trip this afternoon.


Simply Style By Aldo is on:

The tuxedo bag

 The holidays are always a great time to work on those little projects. Read a book, make that one special recipe or create yourself a whole new bag. I went for the last option and I designed and created this tuxedo shoulder-bag


This week's look is one featuring my all time favorite actress: Audrey Tautou. She defines beauty in it's pure form. I don't now what it is, it might be her french accent, her eccentric smile or her pure white skin, but I love her

Simply Spending the Saturday: Freedom At last

I finally found some inspiration to blog about. Some of you might have noticed I suffered from a "writers block", or It might be the fact that I've been just too damn lazy or too busy. Anyway here's a report on the events past few days...

That's not my name

Time to add a little color to that summer wardrobe. I've wanted to post a Lookbook pic with these trousers for quite a while now. I love to go all bright and colorful on a sunny day. And of course adding the extra touch by wearing an even brighter wristwatch.