That's not my name

Time to add a little color to that summer wardrobe. I've wanted to post a Lookbook pic with these trousers for quite a while now. I love to go all bright and colorful on a sunny day. And of course adding the extra touch by wearing an even brighter wristwatch.
These are the trousers from Versace for H&M that I ordered last December for our school gala. Back then, I matched them with a simple small tie, a black double-breasted blazer and a pair of pointy shoes. Of course that would be way to overdressed for an average everyday outfit, so I like to keep it simple with a white shirt and my good old all-stars. I have two pairs of classic black chuck taylor all stars, one old dirty filthy ripped pair for the times I'm working in the dirt or the occasions on which I might get filthy (luckily I don't have to wear those very often). The other pair is about half a year old and ever since I've kept them smooth, clean and shiny white. Many people say the like dirty all-stars better, but I like the white details matching with my clean white shirts. I just love the contrast between clean sophisticated air and the fact that they're still just another pair of old trainers.
I found that bright pink digital watch in April in this little store in Amsterdam, it's from a brand called "too late" and the make these watches in every color you could possibly imagine. I love the brightness together with these trousers. 
The color's are hurting you eyes when you'd look at them and that's exactly the point I was aiming for in this shot. I was cleaning out my room and as always it was covered in little paper sheets, bags, magazines and clothing. I thought it would be a cool shot to make. So I cleaned up a little bit and only left out the things that would make the picture a bit cooler. It's a bit of a "staged" mess but I liked the image anyway, so here's the result...

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