All Hail The Queen

Today my holiday started, finally a whole week off. And since it's April the 30th, it is also a national holiday in holland: Queensday. I must say: I hate it.


This rare Vuitton Trunk isn't just like any ordinary trunk. It's a whole cabinet, especially made for mens shirts. Check it out


This Drawing was made in 1910 by Leon Bakst, Costume designer for the "ballet Russes" in Paris during the first decades of the 20th century. This particulair drawing was for a costume of "Sheherazade" the women who told the well-known story "One thousand and one nights." Influences of the costumes for this particular play were still seen in the late 1920's. 


Simply Style By Aldo is on:

Do it yourself suspenders

Here's another lookbook-look of me, with my new home-made suspender bag. I matched the Bordeaux tartan trousers and shirt that I have, with the old 1920's suspenders.

Fashionably late on every occasion

I just love pocket watches. Altough they're a tiny bit outdated and they make you look a tad like a freakish Charles-Dickens-loving nerd, I still love them. Now my dad brought me the perfect combination of an old pocket watch mixed with the right amount of modern style. Check out the most awesome watch-label I've seen in a very long time..

My kind of bible: Vogue Hommes

I decided it was about time somebody should let the world know about the existence of THE titel in menswear. So I took that noble task upon me, so here it goes: There IS a male edition of vogue: Vogue Hommes International.

Coming up: Musa Classic

It's the second time this year, we're hosting the Musa-Classic evening. Check out the first event here. As I told you many times before, I'm in our student-council and I'm in charge of making the grand announcement posters.

Simply Spending the Saturday: Old-timer Rally

As I came to think of it, my Saturdays are quite eventful recently. Anyway, today we went on a little Trip with our Old-timer camper-van. It's a 1978 Peugeot J7. (In the lowest picture)


Okay, I love this picture! I completely love it! I found it, I loved it, I HAD to post it. Come on! Such a glamourous woman on an ostrich. Isn't it amazing?

It was like Stalin all over again

I thought it would be time to create another lookbook look so here is it. Ever since I bought my new coat about a month ago I felt like a communist spy. And I always keep my Iphone secretly in the little notebook I'm holding in the pic, so that's the inspiration for this look.

Simply Spending the Saturday: Amsterdam Trip

Yesterday I had an amazing Saturday. (Again!) So I thought, why not make it intoa little column: Simply Spending the Saturday. Oh and don't forget to check out all the amazing events of yesterday, after the jump.


 Usually I'don't add anything to these "simply sayings", but as I came across this little quote, I felt very inspired. People often ask me why we should pay attention to our outfits. I think we shouldn't be dressing for that special occasion only, not just for that one person. We should always take good care of ourselves, for our own good. Otherwise there's no reason in dressing up at all, any time. Don't do your work half: live life pretty.

Fashion Classics: Time magazine's all time 100 icons

What do these faces above have in common? They're all mentioned on the list of lists. Today Time magazine published it's list of all time 100 fashion icons. This list is published and adjusted once a year and all over the world people are fighting for a spot on the list. 
See who's on it (and who's not, ghehe!)