All Hail The Queen

Today my holiday started, finally a whole week off. And since it's April the 30th, it is also a national holiday in holland: Queensday. I must say: I hate it.
On april 30, 1909 our former Queen Juliana of Orange was born. Ever since, the whole nation celebrate's the birthday of this queen on april 30. Even now, (we've got a new queen, Juliana passed away many years ago) we're still celebrating this ridiculous holiday.
Because of the Queen's last name, every dutch person dresses completely orange on april 30 each year. They party like a bunch of mad beasts and that's about it. 
As you might have understood, I'm not such a big fan of this particular holiday (Partially because orange is definitely not my color.) I'm just not so much of a party animal. Especially when it's forced and planned out, like these silly holidays. I love to party occasionally, but I want to do it my way, when I want to. And totally not, while wearing orange. So me and my friend decided to leave town this afternoon and spend the day picnicking, on a quit deserted field. The sun was shining and I had a lovely day. I took a few pics as I was experimenting with my camera a little bit. It's a simple digital camera, nothing special or anything, but I still think it makes some very good pictures. Ow and I also wanted to show the records I put between the wheels of my bicycle. 
Turns out I had quite a nice Queensday after all...