My kind of bible: Vogue Hommes

I decided it was about time somebody should let the world know about the existence of THE titel in menswear. So I took that noble task upon me, so here it goes: There IS a male edition of vogue: Vogue Hommes International.
Very few people know about this magazine. It comes out twice a year, in october (showing the latest autumn/winter fashion) and in April (for the spring/summer trends). I think it's a shame it only comes out twice a year. I'm highly convinced of the fact that it is published only twice a year because nobody buys the magazine, since nobody knows it is out there! 
It is such a great magazine, and since most men are becoming a tiny bit more stylish nowadays, it should be read by every fashionisto (male fashionista) around the globe. Maybe after a while, they could finally make it a monthly magazine. I would love to work for this magazine one day. That way, I could finally convince the male part of society to start dressing themselves properly. 
Anyway, check out some of the photo's from the last spring Issue. It had this "obsession" theme. I loved all the bright colored shoots, (especially the colored prada shoes in the picture below). But of course they didn't forget the most desirable colors of them all: Black. I loved the pictures. 
So everybody: Go buy a Vogue Hommes International for yourself!