Aldo and Van Eyck

"If people turn to look at you on the streets, it means you're not well dressed."- 
famous words by one of my great examples: the late Beau Brummel. Google that shit everybody! Lately I've been thinking about his words a lot. Is it true that we ought to blend in with the crowd, in order to be a real dandy? Is it not gentleman-like to stand out?

One love in twenty-fourteen.

After all the flasbacks on 2013, I came to the conclusion that I prefer to look forwards, instead of backwards. That's why I'm writing this piece on the first of January and not in December.
I'm writing this piece as the first blogpost of 2014 after having an amazing night.  After I woke up I watched the Viennese New-Year's-concert. One of my favorite traditions that has been around  in my family for three generations. 

My favourite Vuitton | The curious case on red square

This very controversial suitcase caused a big riot this week in the Russian parlament. The communist party asked to demolish the immense building, located in the middle of the red-square in Moscow.