My test-week started and with all the spare time I have. (In which I'm supposed to be studying) I'm doing what every teenager does: Nothing! So I decided to finally create a Lookbook account, so everybody start hyping!
In my opinion every stylish blogger should have his/her own look-book account. Sadly I didn't have one so it was about time I guess...
For those of you who are new to this site: www.lookbook.nu is a site for all the fashion lovers all over the world. The idea is that people post their daily outfits or their looks. By doing so they can promote their site or blog and share their inspiration or style with the rest of the world. Other people can see their looks. If you like what you see, you can click the "Hype" button. (Much like the "Like" button on facebook) You don't have to be a member of the lookbook community to Hype someone else's looks, having a Facebook account is enough!
I must say it's quite a strict community. They have this rather difficult system with "Karma-Points". People who have the most Karma-points have their looks displayed at the top of the "New-page". The looks made by people who don't have any Karma-Points aren't shown ons this page at all. You can only view his/her look when you turn of the "Karma-filter". You can gain Karma-points by posting more looks and having people hype your looks. 
So in fact, you have to gain your reputation.
As a newcomer, of course, I don't have any Karma-Points at all. So to get on the top of the "new" page, I'll have to gain some points.
So everybody, feel free to click the Hype button at the top of the page!