Fitting in while standing out!

Today I was simply so much fun! Nude-painting for the first time in my life, meeting other creative people and of course the amazing city centre of Amsterdam.
When we arrived at the academy of arts, I immediately felt this amazing atmosphere. There were all sorts of different people of my age, searching for their career or just looking for some Tuesday fun. It's so much fun being around all those weird-ish(in a positive way!) people. It's nice to fit in, well, I mean, it's nice to be around other people that also like to dress differently, people who dare to express themselves. They were all really arty and nice, but it also made me feel quite insecure. I'm quite sure I want to apply for an art academy, although I'm willing to give EVERYTHING, it made me doubt if I have what it takes? Am I just as good as those other kids? Am I the right person?
Apart from all that, I had a wonderful time. The nude-painting seemed pretty awkward to me, but turned out to be really cool. The model just sat there in a chair and we had to draw her. And after just five seconds of exchanging some giggly glances, everybody turned to drawing in a very professional way. And the results were suprisingly good.
Of course we couldn't visit Amsterdam without some shopping so we quickly visited some cool second-hand shops. It's the second time I visited Amsterdam in one week and I'm really feeling like I'm getting to know the city a lot more. I can really see myself living in a big city like this in a couple of years.
So I had an amazing day and it gave me enough stuff to think about for quite while.
Let me know what you think of the drawings!? And what would you do if you were in my place, choosing studies and all?