Fashionable Holland is going crazy today! For the first time in history our little nation has it's very own edition of vogue, making us just a tiny little bit more fashionable. And since my favorite single of the Queen of pop is also very stylish, I decided to dedicate this look of the week to: Madonna's Vogue
For those of you who have been living in a cave for their entire life: the 1990 hit single "Vogue" by Madonna is in my opinion one of the most amazing music video's ever. Combining dancing with fashion on that level is something only the greatest among as can achieve. And of course the tune is very catchy to. A few months back I found an original vinyl record of Madonna's Vogue, and I've been listening to it, ever since.
 The 1920's looks of the guys in the video are amazing, but I especially like the madonna-meets-monroe look. So that's why I simply had to pick it for this week's look of the week.
So some more about the magazine: Vogue, originally founded in America in 1892, is worlds leading name on fashion-magazines. There are eighteen different editions of Vogue worldwide. And today Vogue gained another one: "VogueNederland".
As a pre-sale today, it was only sold in amsterdam in a departmentstore. The pictures of the windows beneath are the wondows of the store in Vogue theme. The Barrel Organ in the store even played Madonna's tune! Unfortunately, since I'm way to busy studying for my tests (In fact, I really should be learning right now!) I couldn't make it today. Of course when it comes out at the local shops tomorrow I'll buy the first issue I see!
For all the Dutchies reading my blog, tonight on RTL8 20.30: The september Issue. A two hour documentary on Anna Wintour. The editor in chief of American Vogue and an amazing style Icon. Although she is know for being very evil (The Charachter of Miranda in the Devil Wears Prada was based on her) I really admire her. I've wanted to watch the film for quite a while now but sadly I'll probably be busy with my exams tonight.
Stay tuned for tomorrows report on the First edition of the Dutch Vogue...