A week on a deserted Island

I just had one of the best weeks of my life! I was invited by a friend to join her and her family on a short trip to one of the Islands in the northern part of our country.
Packed with just three trousers, only two (!!) pair of shoes, a half empty can of hairspray and a bunch of other stuff, we left for Texel this monday. I had no idea what to expect from the Island. Was it small and deserted? Or crowded with german tourists, well-known for digging sitting-holes on the beach?
It turned out to be quite a big Island, not so lonely, but not too crowded either. And though I'm not a big fan of nature and all. (In fact, Hiking-shoes are my biggest nightmare!) I really loved the scenery. After such a long time of homework, school, planning, painting and organizing, it was nice to calm down for once. Just sit down. Doing nothing. Relax. 
I know it's not that glamorous and all, but the Island is simply beautiful. I can't describe the feeling I had, while walking at the shore. Feeling the wind running through your hair. Messing up your do, leaving you nothing but  curls like a pig's tale. That all didn't matter. The only thing that counts there is you being yourself, relaxing. It all sounds a bit vague of course, but I would encourage you all to go there once and experience what I experienced past few days. 
Big thanks to my friend and her family for inviting me up there. It was wonderful!