I love elephants! I love their lumpy bodies. Their weird flappy ears. The size of such a huge gray colossus.
It is just something I'm dreaming of: Riding on the back of an elephant. Preferably trough India.
Just one of the things on my "to-do-before-I-die"-list. I would also like to have my own chocolate-factory once, including a pink-suger-viking-boat. And after that I would like to make a journey around the world in an old 1930's zeppelin. I like planning ahead...
I think everyone should have a list like that. So you'll always know what you're working for this lifetime. 
Enough about that, More on this look. I choose this look because of the contrast between de big wild elephants and the beautiful elegant woman. But still they are so much alike when you see the goofy elephants are standing in the same position as the sophisticated woman. It's just a picture I came across and I loved it instantly.