Fireman by day, Ballet-dancer by night

In 1880 Vincent van Gogh decided he wanted to be an artist...

It's just as simple as that. One doesn't have to become an artist, learn about art or produce art. One can just be an artist. We can wake up one day, wondering what to do. We decide to shift our life in a whole new direction. If the world was just black and white, we could do something refreshing and different every single day, just by deciding we wanted it to be that way...

Simply Sayin' I'm not that bitchy!

Last week I sat in the train with this  unbearable woman. I'm not fond of criticizing people on my blog but she made me snap inside. As I was enjoying a nice conversation with my friends this woman and her little daughter entered our compartment sweating heavily. She started searching through her luggage moaning and sighing as she couldn't find her reading glasses and her book. Meanwhile me and my friends started talking about literature and I joked I got the best part of fiction on me, that one could ever read: So I showed them the 902 pages thick, September Issue of the American Vogue. The woman across me made a little giggle as she was listening to what we were saying. Not the funny kind of giggle, the judging kind of giggle. Oh no she did not! The woman herself had obviously never even touched an issue of Vogue. Seriously, I could tell from her outfit (and from her daughters', poor thing!). I started explaining my friends that there's so much more to vogue than prada-clutches and this woman seriously  had a hard time minding her own buisness as she kept looking at me as if my life was one big joke. I told them that vogue was a work of art and that all the photo-shoots, including the amazing advertisements, where little pieces of inspiration and all very beautiful in their own ways. The September issue is a magnificent combination of journalism, photography, fashion and design. Somehow it seemed as if this woman did not want to understand what I was talking about.
I was dazzled by the fact that there are still so many close-minded people in this world. And their Queen Bitch was sitting across me in my train.
So then it dawned on me that some people still do not understand the concept of fashion. I'm amazed everyday that people can pick something from there wardrobe whit-out even looking at what they're going to wear. That's what fascinates me, what kind of, why and how do people wear their clothes. Fashion is so much more than just some pictures in a magazine. It's  something that define's us. It shows who we are. Our age, our heritage, our culture. It is the perfect representation of the era we are living in. 
So Miss Bitch, please! If come across you one. more. time.  you better have your high heels ready.
Because after all, weather we like it or not: What we wear, even if we don't give a damn thing about it, tells something about who you are.
We are fashion

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