Anna Dello Russo thinks we need a Fashion Shower!?

The pictures above are stills from Anna della Russo's new music-video created specially for her new accessory-line for H&M. First of all, I think we could al agree that it's just not right that the woman dances in a costume like that, in her early fifties. On the other hand: So does Madonna. Now I'm sure we all think our part of it, but I, for a fact, Love her! Check out why in the article below and most importantly check out the video!

Now apart from the spandex shiny "tomb-raider"-esque suit she's wearing and her crazy boots, I kind of love the video. This would also explain my bad taste in music, but still...
Of course this is just another marketing stunt and I certainly do not agree with the way she dresses but this woman always gets me thinking about the true meaning of personal style.
Last week, as I was watching in the mirror at my outfit for that day, I thought to myself: "Can I really wear this outfit? Is it okay to wear this to school? Can I pull this off?" After I'd decided this was definitely what I was going to wear, I went to school, still in doubt. I got several remarks from people I saw on my way to school, fellow-students and teachers. None of them wear bad (I wouldn't say all of them were good either!) but at the end of the day, as everybody went home, they still remembered MY OUTFIT!
I totally loved the idea of that. Now I'm aware, it's not always a good thing, (Who knows what one might have thought of it) 
I guess what I'm trying to say here is that it's not always a bad thing, to take that outfit-risk. As a matter of fact: I would advice you to always take that risk. You can try and stay hiding in that shell of safety, or you can crawl out and see that there's so much more out there. 
As I love to say: "In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different."
Try not to be like everybody else. Try to show yourself. Never try to fit into that army of endless  non-creative clones that all look the same. Always show your idea, your opinion. Be irreplaceable. Now of course there'll always be people that are going to criticize you, but at least you know who you're dealing with. 
Who cares? 
And to conclude the case of Anna Della Russo. I like her masculine, plastic surgery face and her silly music. Who am I to judge?
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