I admit I've neglected my blogger-duty, lately. But I'm very eager to change that. So here's another Look of the week feature. Starring this great picture by John French.
There's something timeless to the amazing pictures of John French. He somehow knows how to capture real elegance in one single timeless photo.
Well, actually, he does that in all his photo's. The contrast between black and white. The simplicity of everything: Hair, make-up, clothing and surroundings. It all comes together in these perfect pieces. 
Now I am a great fan of these "mermaid-dresses": Tight dresses that follow the curves of the Female body coming to a wide end at her feet. 
I get easily lost in this image. I can stare at it for hours and hours. It's sort of hypnotizing me. As I was staring at it recently, I asked myself why women as elegant as these, don't exist anymore. How did we lost them? Then I wondered: "How do we actually define elegance"
How can we've lost something we cant really define?
Is elegance something timeless? Is today's elegance something completely different from what it used to be? Maybe the modern elegant woman is nothing like the elegant women in John French's pictures? Why is it that I long so much for his elegant women?
See what this picture can do to a person?
I could go on for hours and hours.
Now take a good look at this picture and start dreaming for yourself.
Pleas enjoy..!

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