The new look for my own September Issue

September is the January in Fashion. It's the mark of a new beginning. The moment where everybody will be able to say to themselves: This is when I change! Time for that new look. Time for something else. Time for something completely different!
Everybody must know the feeling at the end of august. (Or at least, I do) That moment when you're tired of summer. The freedom, the spare time, the point where you don't know what to do with yourself anymore. It is something in our nature. We need change. After all change is nature. Although we sometimes wish it wasn't. One just has to make sure that these changes are nothing but improvements. We just have to move forward. 
To quote Anna Wintour: Fashion Isn't about looking back, it's about looking forward.
That's why I love september. Moving forward and embracing the new you. For me september is all about never staying on the same place for too long. Making sure that your life is always new and exciting. That way it will never bore you. Isn't that idea refreshing?I want to experience a complete free fall. Do like Holly Golightly. Do something you have never done before, every single day. After all, Life's to short to be boring. 
To celebrate September I made a little to-do-list:
  • I bought myself Vogue's September Issue. (which is 902 pages. That's fourteen pages less than last year. Boohoo)
  • I decided to give the blog an entire new look. I'm still working on some minor difficulties but I love the look so far. It's starting to look more like a scrapbook, which was the original idea for my blog. A scrapbook to collect all the images, ideas and inspirations.
  • What better way to celebrate a new era of "being me" than VOGUE Fashion's night out!? The fifth of September I'll be in Amsterdam celebrating the new beginning, honoring the concept of change and last but not least: Be fucking fabulous.

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