FAB | The small tricks to hats

As I wrote yesterday, I'm an adult now and no doubt about the fact that: Grown-ups wear hats. Right? Find out your favorite style and the type that suits your head.

The happening the 18th birthday

March 27, 2013, an important date in my life, because today I'm turning eighteen. I'm officially an adult now. That means I'll have to start acting very different now. Time for flannel suits, ties to the office and maybe I should start wearing a hat? As I wrote last year my family has a long tradition when it comes to birthday outfits, so here's what I'm wearing on this very special day.

Let me go the right way

I was told once, that you can distinguish a real gentlemen by the look of his collar and cuffs. A good collar should always be crisp and stiff just like your cuffs. Because my new Armand blazer lacks any lapels it is the perfect item to show off the contrast between the black blazer and the white collar & cuffs.


Simply Style By Aldo is on:

You keep me hangin' on

The sun was out today! Spring's finally arriving. Well at least it was today. The next few days are going to be miserable again and they're even expecting some snow. Anyway, the sun's always so great as it makes all the colors in the world pop-out. My hair was extra great today, my outfit was even better so it was the perfect day for an outfit-shoot.


I've been stuffing my face with literature these past few weeks. My exams are coming up and we'lI be getting tests about some books we've read. Sadly I haven't read them all (yet). So I had a lot of catching up to do. I've come a long way the past days and I'll only have to read two small literary works and I'm done. But while I was at it, I also started reading again in the book of books. I wrote about this book before, my parents gave it to me last Christmas. 
As I was browsing through the book, I came across this funny little box. It's my birthday in a few weeks. So I thought, Like Marie Antoinette used to say, Let them eat cake.

FAB | The small tricks to pocketsquares

Since my latest addiction to AMC's mad men, I was inspired by their style. One of the few small tricks to become a real gentleman is the pocket-square. I'm not sure why they're called that pocket-squares as they're often not that square. But I like them anyway since it's such an easy way to brighten up your look.