Let me go the right way

I was told once, that you can distinguish a real gentlemen by the look of his collar and cuffs. A good collar should always be crisp and stiff just like your cuffs. Because my new Armand blazer lacks any lapels it is the perfect item to show off the contrast between the black blazer and the white collar & cuffs.

I bought this blazer (It's from the French label Armand) last week at a vintage market in Amsterdam. It fits like a glove, suprisingly! Most of the times when I'm shopping for vintage stuff I only find these ridiculously large grandpa blazers. No wonder hipsters all always dressed in these impossibly oversized sweaters, there's nothing available in their size at the vintage stores.
Anyway the blazer is perfectly clean, lacks any lapels or clearly visible stitches so it's a perfect "little black jacket".  Now as I already said, If you consider yourself a proper gentleman be sure to clean your cuffs with care and make them look spotless. Always iron your blouse before you wear it and while doing so, pay some extra attention to the collar and cuffes. The simplicity of the blazer is perfect to combine with some other statement pieces, like my bright blue Versace pants. Notice how the pants match the decorations on my pin-up board. I always like redecorating my room. I have an awful lot of old of Vogue covers (like the one by Erwin Blumenfeld) and photoshoots (mostly by John French) on my walls. Seriously I should become an interior decorator or something.
Last but not least, I wanted to show you the wave in my hair! I love it when I'm combing my hair and it falls right into it's place. After that I always make sure that is definitely not moving in the next 48 months by spraying A LOT of hairspray in my hair. I went to a barber immedeately after this shoot and my hair looks completely different now. (Or at least I think it does. Nobody in school seamed to notice it, but still.)

Blazer - Vintage Armand
Blouse - Vintage
Pants - Versace for H&M

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