You keep me hangin' on

The sun was out today! Spring's finally arriving. Well at least it was today. The next few days are going to be miserable again and they're even expecting some snow. Anyway, the sun's always so great as it makes all the colors in the world pop-out. My hair was extra great today, my outfit was even better so it was the perfect day for an outfit-shoot.
Have your ever taken a really good look at the light on the places you're passing every day? You'll probably notice the sun makes everything look brighter. My camera's often not functioning and I really need good lightening to get some proper pictures. That's why I always love sunny days. 
I wanted to show you my green suit I got for the Christmas ball. The label actually said the color was 'Petrol' but I don't think that's an actual a color, at least I never heard of it before. Nonetheless I love the color. It's just a little different from the colors we're used to. The black lapels are just the finishing touch this look needed. But since I thought that this suit alone was a bit to formal, I found I needed to 'dress it down' a bit. Make it look less-stiff. I opted for the good old pair of chuck taylor all-stars and low-cut t-shirt.

blazer - H&M
trousers - H&M
shirt - H&M
shoes - Chuck Taylor All Stars

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