With all the fuss about Brad Pitt, I wanted to pay some attention to Angelina Jolie as well. Two weeks ago I saw "the Changeling" a movie, set in the 1920's. And ever since, I wanted to report about this look. So I thought: Now is the time.
The movie is about a single-mother (Jolie) who's son gets kidnapped. While searching for him, the police presents to her: a new boy, insisting it is her son! Clearly the boy isn't hers, and  she's doing everything she can to prove the police wrong. Meanwhile the corrupt officers try to get rid of her. They say she's walking away from her son and she doesn't have the right to be a mother and afterwards they put her in a mental-institution. 

Very confusing, but it was a great movie. Normally, I'm not very touched by a movie, but when I found out it was based on a true story, I was very shocked. And the fact she wears a different pair of gloves every single scene, makes the movie even more interesting. I just love the fur coat and the cloche hat. And after all, You've got to love those red lips of her. I now they're totally fake and all, but they did a pretty good job on that!
Now, as I talked about 1920's fashion before, I just love it. The simplicity, the lack of a waistline, it just has something special. Ever since we've been in this time of crisis, 1920's fashion items turned up everywhere. But as it turns out, it's all about the right body. The other day, I went shopping with a friend and she tried this dress whit no waistline. Though she has the perfect shaped body, curvy, feminine and very beautiful, it just wasn't made for her. The 1920's trend is mostly suitable for the longer skinny girl. You'll need a good pair of long straight legs and not to much shape (or no shape at all, that would be even more perfect!) 
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