Midnight in Paris

I'm quite aware of the fact that I haven't posted so much lately. I've been very busy lately (mostly with enjoying the nice weather) and I must admit I've been a bit lazy when it comes to blogging. So here are some drawings I made recently. Check out some more and let me tell you what I've been doing past few days

I made these drawings a couple of weeks ago. I just love to draw around midnight. Just when I'm about to go bed, inspiration comes to me. I usually put on my favorite French Edith Piaf record and listen to the crackles of her voice on my old vinyl. It makes me feel as if I'm wandering through Paris. Often I just let my pen fly around on the paper, hoping for something good. Sometimes the result is quite satisfying, and more often it isn't. But I found these Art-nouveau-ish drawings were worth showing. I especially love the dandy type whit his cane and his top hat.
Last Friday, I finished my first handmade/homemade fashion-item ever! I made my own vest. Complete with buttons and lining. I'm so happy whit the result and I wanted to blog about it immediately, unfortunately the laziness took over so I didn't. But I promise I'll show it here very soon!  
Ow and since nobody is talking about Marni for H&M anymore, I decided to quickly buy some last-minute items online. They were on sale so I simply had to order them. I just had no choise.  They'll be delivered this thursday and I'll show them to you as soon as I can. I hope there's still a special surprise in there... H&M always gives you a special gift with the items designed by a guest-designer. I'm excited to see what it is...

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