Here's another lookbook look of me. I wanted to pay some attention to this little watch I got from my grandmother. It was once my grandfather's. I never actually met him, since he died before I was born, but I like to remember him by wearing this little timeless piece
This old Omega watch is selfwinding. That means it doen't have a battery in it, but by moving your arm and wrist, it winds itself, so it doesn't need any electricity. Unfortunately it doesn't run very properly, it never did. My grandmother told me, during my grandfather's last days, it didn't work very well, since he never did anything anymore and almost never moved his hands. When she recently gave it to me, almost twenty years later, it started walking a little bit, but it frequently stopped. Now it doesn't work at all anymore so it is in fact the most timeless watch I'll ever see.
I still like to wear it sometimes though, I like to honor my grandfather by wearing it. I don't mind the fact it's not working any more. It's just something personal. It adds something to the look, not by appearance only, but it gives the look something extra as well. 
Now the jacket is from H&M, as well as the shirt, the trousers are by WE and the belt is from a small local store. 

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