Who says fashion and food can't go together? Apart from the fact that every fashionable person is super crazy thin and that most people in the industry eat nothing but raw veggies, fashion and food are a lot alike. They are both very desirable products, many people crave for fashion  the same way many others crave for food. Now I normally don't cook, bake or come anywhere NEAR a stove but yesterday was a turning point in my life. I found myself a recipe on pinterest and I just HAD to bake it. Check out the result below...


London, May 22, 1914- Emmeline Pankhurst is arrested again after protesting for women's right to vote. At two o'clock in the afternoon, the female activist was arrested near Buckingham Palace. What happened? What were the consequences? And most importantly: What was she wearing!?


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Return to sender

It's been a while since I did my last lookbook post. As I was browsing through my laptop I came across these old pictures so I wanted to share them.


This must be officially the biggest fashion event this holiday season. The new-york based department-store Barney's teamed op with Disney to create a small clip for their Christmas advertising campaign. Disney drew all the big names in the fashion industry to make an appearance in the clip next to Minnie Mouse. My all time favorites Sarah Jessica Parker, Emmanuelle Alt (Vogue Paris), Cruella de Ville (Disney's own Fashion guru since the late 90's) and the super cute disney version of Alber Elbaz (Head designer at Lanvin). Above all Minnie Mouse is wearing the most amazing Lanvin dress. This is certainly the best fashion-related campaign I've seen in a very long time!
Eat your heart out Brad Pitt!

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Mastering the art of Blogging

I just finished watching the movie Julie and Julia. The movie that  encouraged me to do something with my high-school years and inspired me to start my own blog. Now, more than a year since I started my blog, I still have absolutely no clue what to do with all this. 
I wanted to work on my future. I know it's quite silly of my to think that I would be discovered by my little tiny blog on fashion. I am one of the KAZILLION bloggers out there and I have no marketing plan or influential connections whatsoever. Besides, Blogging is SOOO last decade. 
But one can always dream, right?