Mastering the art of Blogging

I just finished watching the movie Julie and Julia. The movie that  encouraged me to do something with my high-school years and inspired me to start my own blog. Now, more than a year since I started my blog, I still have absolutely no clue what to do with all this. 
I wanted to work on my future. I know it's quite silly of my to think that I would be discovered by my little tiny blog on fashion. I am one of the KAZILLION bloggers out there and I have no marketing plan or influential connections whatsoever. Besides, Blogging is SOOO last decade. 
But one can always dream, right?
So I started this little project, blogging about my own little creations. How I decorated my schoolbooks and a style-guide to the perfect festival-outfit. 
AND I DON'T EVEN GO TO FESTIVALS! I think they're filthy and muddy in every possible way I can think of. It was so not  me. So At the end of 2011 I wrote this little post about how I was going to change things. So I started very ambitiously by posting something every other day. I got quite some views. My post about Christian's New Look is a major hit on google, but apart from that, again I had no success. So at the end of this summer I got bored of blogging. I haven't posted anything since. Though I think of my blog every day I can't find anything to blog about
What was I thinking, as if I could ever be influential as a blogger by blogging some occasionally fashion-news now and than. Sites like are so much more up-to-date. As if I ever had a chance. I often feel as If I'm the last one to board the train. Twitter and Tumblr are so much more popular nowadays. Who reads blogs in 2012?
Now it is very easy to say I'd be better off, if I stopped blogging. 
But I don't think that's an option. I often feel as If I'm this hopeless movie character that can't finish anything. I want to finally finish something. I want to achieve something and to be able to say: "THAT'S RIGHT PEOPLE, I DID THAT!"
That brings me to the next question: When is one really finished with blogging? 
Never, Right!? So how am I supposed to go on and on, blogging about things whiteout any real specific topic? I wanted to use this blog as a sort of online portfolio for my admission at the academy of arts. But how am I supposed to show them this blog in January when the last article I posted was on the 19th of October? What if all they'll see, are this endless stories on self-pity written by me on a lonely wednesday-evening.
All I can say is: I can't stop now. I want to continue this. I just don't know how exactly. I need some sort of project, a challenge. Something like Julie Powell did in the movie. 
Do you have any thoughts about what I should do? You, as my beloved readers? 
If I actually have any... 
Please, let me know if you're there. Leave a comment for once! Or give me some inspiration? My inspiration is always so terrably slow. If I find any, I'll promise to stop writing these stupid essays. By now, you must think I'm some sort of self-centred douchebag. 
Maybe you're right. Let's call it a night! Time for some midnight VOGUE reading sessions...

(Whaha, that's so silly. But, I've always wanted to do that once. Never again I'll promise)

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