Last Friday afternoon I went  to the vintage shop. (My friends won't let me call it a vintage shop, cause it's nothing more than a dump that sells second-hand crap, but they do have some really cool stuff) They have this little corner with old vinyl records and I found the love of my life.
A vinyl record with Billy Holiday on it. Of course I bought it and ever since I've done nothing but listening to it. I think I'm in love! Billy Holiday was a blues-singer from the thirties and forties and her voice is just amazing. It's deep, touching, so beautiful and enchanting. Her sound comes from deep within and goes straight trough your core. Even on a crackling vinyl record. (Maybe because of the crackling vinyl record.) My test week is coming up and nothing helps me to concentrate like some real old music. Apart from her voice she was a beautiful women too, she often wore flowers in her hair and was as feminine as can be. And as it happened, her song "I'm a foul to want you" was used in the latest Chanel No 5 commercial from 2009.