What was she wearing!?

November 22, 1963, 12.30 pm, Dallas, Texas - American President John F. Kennedy is murdered during a parade in an open car. His wife, Jaqueline Kennedy, sat right next to him. She survived. 
What happend? Who killed him? and most importantly: What was she wearing?

11.25 a.m. Jackie Kennedy and her husband President John F. Kennedy arrive at Dallas Love Field airport in the presidential airlplane: air force one. The president will be attending a lunch with several business leaders in the Dallas trade mart.
11.40 The Kennedy's start a 10 mile parade that is planned for them so that the people of Dallas are able to see their president in real-live. The step into an custom made Licoln Continental limousine. Forty-five minutes are planned for the parade that is hosted by Dallas' governor.  Due to the crowds and an unplanned stop it took about ten minutes longer
12.30. p.m. Only five minutes away from their destination, the limousine enters Dealy plaza. Three shots were heard by the surrounding crowds. President Kennedy is shot in his neck, his back and his wrist. Afraid of her own life Jackie Kennedy desperately tries to escape from the car. Crawling on the back of the limousine she cries: "They have killed my husband!" A special agent is planning to rescue her out of the vehicle but he fails and Jackie has to go back to sit next to the dead president as their driver races to the Parkland Memorial Hospital.

The president did not survive the accident and Jackie Kennedy became a widow. That day was a sad day for the people of america, but gave us one of the most iconic outfits ever worn by a first lady. That very day, Jackie Kennedy was wearing a pink suit, designed by Chanel. The wonderful tweed suit is one of the best things Chanel has ever created. The simple skirt, worn with an matching jacket is still popular  today. The bright pink color of Jackie's suit made the whole look even more special. Jackie Kennedy always wore a pillox hat (That's a certain cylinder shaped hat model.) and she had a matching pink hat with that suit. Doesn't she look amazing, coming out of that plain wearing those little white gloves and her Chanel bag. Such a shame that it was covered in blood when she came out of the car. In the black and white picture (beneath) you can she her crying as they arrived in the hospital. I think because of the stains her husband left on her amazing suit.
Jackie Kennedy was the most outstanding first lady the whitehouse had ever known. She completely redecorated the white house. Then showed the result to the people of America during an extra long broadcast of CBS news. Her hair (that seems to be perfect in every picture EVERR taken of her. i'm telling you: she must have spent half the american government budget on hairspray!), the huge sunglasses, the wonderful suits she wore. Jackie Kennedy will remain an important clothing icon until the end of days.