In a plastic world

This week we had to decide on a theme for our upcoming spring dance at school. We decided to go on "Carnaval" It's a Catholic tradition to dress up and party, the weekend before Lent starts. Every body dresses up in amazing costumes, much like halloween. So me and my friend were wondering what to wear, when she came up with the idea of a Barbie and Ken costume.
We want to get some large boxes to create a whole new Barbie-in-a-box costume and of course I'll accompany her as Ken. So I started to do a little research on Barbie and the, 1959 doll is quite a fashion icon. I think I'll have to post about her pretty soon. But for now I started digging in my mom's old Barbie-chest. She has an original 1960's barbie (in the picture above) complete with hairsprayed-style hair and manicured nails. She also has the original sideways looking eyes. All dolls from before 1971 look sideways and all barbie's made after that year are staring directly at you. I also found a vintage Barbie brochure from 1965. (text in dutch of course) And I must say: Barbie rocks! I simply love her petticoats her hairsprayed hair-looks not to mention her lovely companion: Ken. 1965-Ken is the exact prototype of a gentleman.