Dior Haute Couture spring 2012

Okay: fuck my new-years' resolutions, I AM going to report on fashionweek! The Dior couture show was just magnificent. 

I always like couture shows, cause they always show clothes that nobody could or would ever wear. They show that fashion is about so much more than just some superficial billion-dollar skirts. It shows the way artists can use the human body as their piece of art. The harmony between the body and the art piece is perfectly balanced. The dress and the women unite into one beautiful look. That's what haute couture is all about. 
This Dior show is so brilliantly designed. I love the reference to Christian Dior's new-look from the fifties. The tight waist dresses (like the white one in the picture below) make an A-shaped figure, which leaded to the therm "A-line dress". I'm a major fan of the New-look (I'll write a post on it this thursday, so stay tuned!) so this show was plainly perfect. It points out how past and present can complement each-other. I also really liked the huge theatrical dresses they showed in the end. You can see the show >>here<<. Click on the first movie that comes up. The whole show takes about twentie minutes/ If you don't have that much time, just watch the last five minutes so that you can see the final line-up of all the looks. Be sure you watch this, because this really is a MUST see show.