Okay my life officially sucks! While I'm busy studying for my testweek. Milan is busy showing looks for Fashionweek. What an unfair world we live in. All I can do it is take a pause from learning, and start drooling on the latest menswear.
Because my new-year's resolutions said "stop following the trends and start doing your own thing", I didn't intend on blogging about fashionweek. Until I saw the Prada show. Every year, just before the fashionweeks start, all the designers are showing their pre-season shows, showing mainly their menswear. The Prada show was just A-ma-zing. As you can see in the picture above, I just love the weird glasses, the fur collar and the bright red coat. Apart from the fact that they got rid of the endless sixties trend and welcomed us back to the roaring twenties, they also stopped the endless train of fashion-rules. The finally paid some attention to the real tailoring-taboo's in the menswear-maze. Button-up this fall season, cause it's time to use those lower buttons too! For one or other reason it used to be strictly forbidden to button op the lowest button of your jacket or blazer, but thanks to Prada, not anymore. They also showed pocket-squares combined with corsages. Usually I would say that by doing that, your chest would be far to crowded, but I loved the idea of just breaking all the customs. Apart from all the clothing buzz they tried to pull the press' attention by hiring some Hollywood actors as their models. (Take for example Adrien Brody in the picture above). While the majority of Hollywood walked the red carpet of the Golden Globe awards at the other side of the world, Prada welcomed these actors on the huge red-art-deco-carpet. All in all a wonderful show that shook up the whole fashion industry.