Upside down

I had a massive wardrobe crisis this morning. In a full wardrobe with all your favorite pieces, it's just so hard to decide what to wear. After two other outfits I decided to go for this one. It's a very gray day and I matched my outfit to the mood of the weather. The little trick of today's outfit are of course
the suspenders. I really like them because they can personalize an outfit and they're also very functional. But when it comes to suspenders: beware! Suspenders are definitely not meant for every body-type. You have to have a relatively flat stomach or else you'll look incredibly fat wearing them. They accentuate your shapes very well! Somehow I've lost a little weight last months so I thought it would be appropriate to wear them for once.
Also, If your planning on wearing a pair of suspenders, be aware of your plans for that day. As I found out the hard way, suspenders do not look good while sitting down. Your pants look extremely strange when there's a pair of suspenders pulling them up while you're trying to sit down. Plus the feeling is rather uncomfortable.
Standing up they look great though!
Oh and I also got a haircut yesterday! (Like it?) That's why I haven't had time to post my outfit. It wasn't that exciting or anything, just a jumper and cognac-colored trousers.

Trousers: H&M
Blouse: H&M
Suspenders: Vintage
Shoes: Manfield
Watch: Omega

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