Red and Navy, like the French

This morning I went for a bit of a rock-and-roll look. I wore my red trousers with my navy/marine blouse. There's nothing better than the combination of navy-blue and red. I decided to wear my collar up. A few year's ago, many preppy people used to do this (and I used to despise them) but I thought it would be a cool addition to the James-Dean-like look. When buying a blouse, the most important thing is
making sure the collar and the cuffs are stiff enough. You can recognize a good blouse by the stiffness of the collar and cuffs. The more stiff they are, the longer they'll look good. Plus, they'll make you look good. It's so much better than those floppy weak wrinkled collars. 

Now normally I would advise to ALWAYS were brown with navy. You can't go wrong with that combination. Any type of navy-blue will match almost any type of brown. (Mark my words!)
I just wanted to be a little bolder so I decided to wear red with navy-blue.
This combination was worn by the French army in the great war (1914-1918). They lost bigtime because you could see their bright-red trousers anywhere, even in the middle of the night. It was so easy for the Germans to shoot at this combination of straw- and blueberries. So they quickly started making ugly green camouflaged uniforms. That way, the enemy couldn't see them as they were crawling through the woods. Too bad, don't you think?

blouse - vintage
trousers - H&M
boots - Manfield
socks - H&M

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