Here are some inspirational photographs. I just found these pictures. (mainly on Pinterest, which is a great help if you'll need any procrastination in your test-week.) I thought of sharing them, as a pictures often says more than a thousand words, right? 
So since I've already said more than eight-thousand words, this will be a short blogpost.
This week is my test-week at school, which means that I'll be studying an awful lot and that I'll be trying to avoid my study-books even more. But please don't hate on me for not posting any outfit-pictures. I'll promise I won't wear the same outfit twice (of course) but my outfits are always quite dull in my test-week. Nobody sees them anyway and I hate waisting a good outfit on an insignificant day. Friday I wore a complete black look. Really, I wore less colors than our local gotihic-person, I came across that day. And yesterday was just a jeans-vest-blouse combination. Nothing special. Today I was planning on hiding myself with my books in an oversized sweater, but apparently we're entertaining tonight so I'll have to dress up.
Now, while I'll be diving in my wardrobe in search for the perfect outfit, please click on the images above and took a long look at them, just try it.
Be inspired!

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