I've always hated denim. The touch of the fabric is horrifying. As a kid my jeans were always ripped open at my knees  when I playing outside on the ground. A pair of blue jeans is just so boring and plain. There's nothing special about such an item. It's like the boy next door in fashion-language. Throughout the most of my high-school career I refused to wear jeans. In fact, I might be holding the worldrecord on not wearing blue jeans for a kazillion years. Until May last year,
when a friend encouraged me to buy a simple pair of blue jeans. To be honest, they're my favorite pair of trousers ever since. They're just so simple but they do make your outfit look very cool at the same time.
So today I went to this exhibition about Jeans. Surprisingly, denim is now officially one of my favorite materials. Halfway through the exhibit I read this quote by Yves Saint Laurent:
"I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex-appeal, simplicity- all I hope for in my clothes."
I fully understand what he's saying and I loved his designs that were on display. 
On the other hand, there was this artist who showed the anonymity of denim. He took pictures of different people and they were all wearing rather extravagant denim outfits. When you would look at just one picture you could see some really cool denim outfits. But as he put all the pictures together in one frame, there was no difference at all between the first hipster-teenager wearing denim-hotpants and the second. Which proves my first point: denim is rather boring and it's hard to stand out in a denim outfit.
Nonetheless, I decided to wear denim to the exhibit (how original!). And I also wanted to show you my black boots. They're already getting a bit old and muddy but I think the combination with the jeans is  quite cool.

blouse: hand-made
jeans: H&M
shoes: Manfield
watch: Omega

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