An all black and white look today. It has been snowing the entire week and all the streets are  covered in snow and ice. I must admit that I did fall multiple times, quite painfully I must say! Pictures in the snow are always very pretty and I couldn't think of a better way to photograph this all black and white look. 
I really love this blouse. It's by Marni for H&M. I am one of those person's who buys most of his clothes at H&M. Most people hate buying their clothes down there. Other people love buying their clothes at the swedish fashion company, but then again, most of these people often look very boring. When buying at high-street brands like H&M and ZARA, always make sure you buy the non-basic items to make your outfit a little more special, for a reasonable price. That's why I love the designer collaborations at H&M. I've got an item from almost every season. Just a little arty addition to your wardrobe. The blouse is a unique item that can make a simple outfit look very special. It's just jeans and a shirt, but with a little something extra. Black and white looks are a great way to add that one colorful item you just can't match with anything else. Like today, I wore my neon-pink too-late watch. It doesn't match most of my clothes but I love wearing it with some black and white items to add a little color to my life. Plus I really love colorful watches. 

coat: River Island
blouse: Marni for H&M
jeans: H&M
shoes: Manfield
gloves: Florentine Markets

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