Blue Yellow Red Rietveld

Yesterday we had a little field-trip with our art-class. It's just a small group of eight students, so  that's not to big and it was very fun. We went to see the Rietveld-schröder house, in Utrecht. 
The house was simply amazing. It was designed in the 1920's and it was way to modern for that time. Most people thought it was an awful sight (and some people still agree on that thought.) It's very hard-edge and it doesn't look very cosy and comfy but I just love it for that exact same reason. Rietveld used primary-colors (red, yellow, blue) only. He designed the house in 1924 for Mrs. Schröder, a very tiny woman. The house isn't that big and the ceiling is rahter low. But Rietveld wouldn't be one of the greatest interior designers if he hadn't found a solution to that problem. All the walls on the second floor are entirely movable. One moment your standing in a corridor surrounded by all different doors leading to all different rooms, the other moment the walls are gone and there's this entire open space. You can look from one part of the house straight to the others. It was indescribable what he did using the space of a house. The amazing interior, it looked so cold but it was so amazingly designed that it was just wonderful. All those little details. You would say it was built just ten years ago. So cool to see one could create something so futuristic in that time.
This was the first house Rietveld designed and I think it's also his best design. We saw some other works of him too, but they were adjusted to the people's needs and far less arty. Such a pity. 

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