This is the last poster I've made for our school-events. This school year is almost over and so is my year as member of the student's council. Such a sad moment... But it was the best year I've ever had so far. So it deserves to go out with a big bang. Here it is: The last school dance will be an amazing miracle pajama party!
I wanted this poster to be really special. I wanted to add a little extra touch to the whole image. So I hung up some paper pajamas and some underwear across the hall of our school. As I was painting this poster sunday about a week ago, I got just a bit sentimental (I am even getting a little sentimental as I'm typing this last poster-post) and I kept postponing the point of finishing my poster. I kept coming up with extra idea's and final touches. So here is the result. Of all the posters, this is the one I love the most. I tried to use some pastel colors in my poster to create that nice comfy cosy pajama party feeling.
I just love this theme. It wasn't my idea or anything. I just love the idea of jumping and dancing all over the dance-floor in nothing but a cool pair of jammies! It's the first time ever, that we're using pajama party a theme for our school dance so I'm very excited. 
This year has been so amazing. I met a lot of new people in our students council. At first I was a bit afraid that I wouldn't get along with all of them. But now, as the end is near, we've started to become a real tight group of friends and I want to thank every-single one of them (for those of you who read my blog) for giving me this amazing year. Now a new council has been chosen, it's time for us to move on. 
But not yet! First we'll have to finish our last tests this week. After that: it's party time! It will be the last party we'll be organizing so we're going to do our very best to make it Rock!
Prepare for some serious jamming in your jammies...

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