While doing some background research on the Victorian age for a school project, I came across these strange pieces of couture by Viktor and Rolf.
I believe these looks came from their 2010 line, but nonetheless they're still very stylish. The site on which I found these pics stated the looks were based on late-Vicotrian clothing. I don't see any resemblance to that period except for the lower waistline. Viktor and Rolf are focussing on the hips and try to create an completely round figure while the Victorian age was all bout emphasizing your bum and not the hips.
Anyway, I love looks they created here. The geometrical forms they cut out of the dresses give them a bit of an abstract look, very 21st century. I especially like the red dress whit that hole in it. Also, take a look at that hair.
I just love it!

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