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Here's a new obsession of mine. My Test-week started again, and as usual I've tried literally everything  to keep myself from studying. must be the best solution so far. It's a combination of humor, fashion, cooking, traveling, art, just everthing. check it out!
First of all, I totally had no idea of the existence of this site until a friend of mine gave me the web-adress and told me to give it a look. (All credits to her, of course!!) First I wasn't so active on the site but as I found out more and more options I started loving it more and more.
Now the Idea of is to make your own pin-board on which you can display your personal style, taste, love, humor whatever you want. As long as it's online, you can post it there! 
Just like facebook, you'll have your own page. On your page, you can make several boards, giving them different themes. (You can create as much boards as you like). By using these boards, you can sort out different "pins". 
A "pin" is much like a post. You can "pin" a picture, a comic or just a link to your site or blog. Many people use this site to promote their own art-work, to show their camera-skills, recipes, or their amazing interiors. There are so many other pinners out there, there's enough to find for everyone. 
You can also "re-pin" pins from other people on pinterest onto your own board. This way you can exchange things you like with your friends. It's much like tumblr, only this way you can leave comments and links to sites, plus it's much better organized. You can follow other pinners and they can follow you and you can search for specific items. It's all just so pretty! Even the gluten-free pastry-page looks delicious... 
Now of course I'm quite new to all this so I'm not that experienced and I don't have any followers but still. I can look at those boards for hours with out  getting bored. It's the perfect solution for every testweek.
So I suggest you all request an invite (Don't worry it's nothing special an invite means you'll have to fill in your e-mail, that's all) so you all can start pinning!

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